Panels settings

Each panel has their own settings

HTML panel

  • Language – currently not available

  • Doctype – documents doctype, ie. HTML5, XHTML, etc

  • Body tag – usually done to change the styling as <body class="dark_ui">. Some frameworks (Dojo) are using it to style the widgets and load CSS

CSS panel

  • Language – change the pre-processor, right now only CSS and SCSS

  • Options – additional options, like the ability to Normalize CSS

JavaScript panel

  • Language – Pre-processor, ie CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Babel, Vue, React, etc.

  • Frameworks & Extensions – many commonly used JS frameworks (and their extensions)

  • Framework <script> attribute – attribute added to the included framework script tag, ie <script src="..." data-angular-custom-thingy>

  • Load type – the way JS is loaded in the editor – see table below for details:

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