Display fiddle from a Github repository

This allows you to skip the part of hosting code on JSFiddle and load it directly into the editor from a Github repository.

Demo directory structure

Demo Directory/
  • demo.[ js | html | css ] contains fiddle code for the specific panel

  • demo.details is a description of the demo written in YAML

 name: Name of the Demo
 description: Some description, please keep it in one line
   - John Doe
   - Jan Wisniewski
   - http://some.url.com/some/file.js
   - http://other.url.com/other_filename.css
 normalize_css: no
 load_type: d

All fields are optional

Running demo in JSFiddle

URL segments in examples:

  • framework – the desired framework to load along the code from repo

  • version – substring of the framework version - the last passing will be used. If 1.3 will be given, JSFiddle will use the latest search result. it will favorize 1.3.2 over 1.3.1 and 1.3

  • dependency_list – comma separated list of dependency substrings. It would mark any dependency containing the substring

  • github_tree – the path to the directory used to display it on github page (without http://github.com/)

Demo + no JS framework

For no framework and version use library/pure:


Demo + JS framework with a version

Demo with a preset framework (for example jQuery 3.0):


Demo + JS framework with version + dependencies

Demo with a framework and external resources/dependencies


Example: #TODO

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